YRS RTO Setup and Registration

Experience to benefit you

The renowned Your RTO Specialists Team is now available to assist in the set up and registration of your new RTO.

When you set up a Registered Training Organisation you want to make sure that everything is as it should be from day one.

When Your RTO Specialists set up your RTO you are guaranteed that it will be right. Not only that, we will not leave you wondering what to do next.

Our RTO Setup and Registration service includes training and support for you and your staff even after you have your registration and are up and running. Your RTO Specialists are Setting the Standard for RTO Consultancy and Support.

Your RTO Specialists Will:

  • Provide our highly regarded and ASQA Audit tested (to the 2015 Standards) Policy and Procedure manual. We will customise the manual to your RTO's operations and fully train you and your nominated staff in finding and interpreting the contents.
  • We will write your Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS) for one qualification. Our TAS format is ASQA tested via many audits.
  • We will prepare all documentation required for your RTO registration. Our internal accountant will work with you to prepare the Financial Viability Risk Assessment and Business Plan you will need for registration.
  • We will lodge your application for registration with ASQA and monitor its progress.
  • One of our RTO Specialists will prepare you for your initial registration ASQA audit and will be present at the audit with you.
  • Once you are registered we will be available to you and your staff for advice, training and operational assistance*.

Your RTO Startup and Registration Service

As with all Your RTO Specialist’s services our fees are realistic, fair and affordable. We structure our fees to develop long term business relationships with our clients, not gouge as much as we can and then disappear. Don't pay $25,000 or even more for your RTO setup.

YRS’ RTO Startup and Registration Service is end-to-end. We will support you for the entire journey from the day you engage us right through until after you receive that RTO Registration Certificate. Our RTO Specialists will assist you in gaining a thorough understanding of your RTO regulatory obligations and we will not only be with you on the day of your Initial Registration Audit, we will spend time with prior to the audit to make sure you are comfortable with and understand the audit process – at no extra cost.

Your RTO Startup and Registration Service costs $15,500 + gst*

This includes:

  • The support of the YRS team right through the process. Australia’s foremost team of RTO Specialists will be available to you and your team to answer questions, provide advise and support and guide you right through the process.
  • All the policies, procedures, forms and templates you will need for your RTO to meet the 2015 Standards for Registered Training Organisations.
  • Preparation of the TAS and registration of one qualification. Training and Assessment Strategies for additional qualifications are $500 + gst.
  • In consultation with you our RTO Specialist will prepare your Business Plan.
  • In consultation with you our qualified, highly experienced accountant will prepare your Financial Viability Risk Assessment.
  • We will provide professional, experienced advice, training and support for a maximum of 3 hours after registration. Additional hours available at the discount rate of $70 per hour plus gst.
  • Our RTO Specialist’s support before and at your initial registration ASQA audit.

What is not included:

  • ASQA and any other applicable government or other regulator fees.
  • Purchase/lease cost of your Student Management System.
  • Legal or financial advice.
  • Training Resources for the qualifications / units of competency you are adding to your scope of registration.
  • Any additional registrations or certifications you may need to be able to deliver the qualifications you are planning.

* Travel costs will be added for locations outside of the East Coast capital cities.

CRICOS Registration

YRS is one of the few RTO consultancies with a solid track record for the successful registration for the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Our audit proven CRICOS Manual will set your RTO on the right path towards becoming a successful CRICOS RTO.

If we are setting up your new RTO and you plan on becoming CRICOS registered, we recommend applying for CRICOS concurrently with your RTO registration. We offer a substantial discount for RTO and CRICOS Setup and Registration.

When concurrent with RTO Registration our CRICOS Setup and Registration Service costs $12,000 plus gst.*

CRICOS Setup and Registration Service for an existing RTO costs $16,500 + gst*

* Travel costs will be added for locations outside of the East Coast capital cities.

Your RTO IT Services

Your RTO will need solid, secure IT systems. Ideally you need a well constructed, attractive web site that meets ASQA compliance standards and is interactive with your Student Management System.

Your RTO IT Specialists have the expertise and experience to build your IT systems.

Don't fall into the trap of believing that cut price providers can build you the systems you need. Ensure that you start your RTO the right way with YRS RTO IT Services. Our highly experienced team led by Tom Brennan can:

  • Design and host a high quality, ASQA compliant web site that will be attract and easy to use for your prospective and current students;
  • Integrate your web site with any leading Student Management System;
  • Set up and monitor your on line marketing including Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Design and build your RTO Network including integration with Google’s G Suite; Google Drive or Dropbox.

Contact the YRS Team for a quote for Your RTO’s IT needs.